Wednesday, June 7, 2017

This week we were doing or last batch of new information of the year and most of it was based upon communities and ecosystems as well as neurons. On monday we looked at neuron structure in class and went over how they communicate with one another and travel across the body. I learned something I did not know, even with my past knowledge of neurons from psychology, that the neurons from the bottom of our legs can run all the way up to our spine. I had no idea that a cell that long existed within the human body and could produce such a fast response. For homework we also had to watch a video on communities and ecosystems and answer a few questions about the video as well. We also began to do our transpiration lab lab and presentations this week, ours being based upon whether or not the stem cells in a plant with a leaf and without a leaf would act the same and still take up water. What we found was that without a leaf the cells within the plant would not open their stomata to take up as much water. This and other findings will be put on our poster and presented next week along with all the other lab groups. At the end of the week we also finished up our last ecosystems video.

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