Wednesday, June 7, 2017

This week was the final period of class time that was all set aside for work on our Genius Hour projects. I added a few different mammals to my list of domesticated ones in order to beef up my research base a little bit more and also make it possible to make connections during the presentation. I also attempted to find any facts that I could that would help to disprove any myths about domestication or taming, mainly how they are different. I added that portion to the horse slides because of the fact that wild horses are often tamed and used like a domesticated horse would be. The lack of genetic differences is very important to notice and is the only reason the two animals are different. I now have to just add the research that I have been conducting to the PowerPoint and make it look neat and presentable for the class. I will also rehearse some of the lines or slides that I will be reading so I don't just stand and look at the board the whole time. I also will need to add more on the process of domestication as well as the artificial selection portion of the slide show.

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