Tuesday, May 23, 2017

This week has been totally focused on the research portion of our Genius Hour. I’ve been looking up the dates of domestication of the majority of the mammals. The power point I’m making will be in chronological order and have facts about the method of domestication and where it happened in the ancient or modern world. It seems so far the the majority of the animals were domesticated in the Middle East or in Southeast Asia. There were a few that were domesticated in South America such as the llama and alpaca. The first animal to be domesticated was the dog about 20,000 years ago in Eastern Europe. Humans didn’t have to actively attempt to domesticate the gray wolves that became modern dogs because in the cold climate humans and wolves were traveling with one another after the packs of animals moving across the snow. Later in the week I began to look at cats which were first domesticated in the Middle East specifically Egypt. The cats lived near humans because of the amount of mice that the grain storage and other foods attracted to the cities. Next week I’ll focus on the larger animals such as cows and then move to the more recent animals.
Last week I wasn’t in biology very often because of all the AP testing that was going on. At the beginning of the week we had the biology test in the morning so all of us missed class. The test went very well and I felt confident about almost all of the questions including the free response, even though I felt a bit rushed with the amount of time we had. AB Calculus was the next test that week so I wasn’t able to make it to class again. That day the independent Genius Hour projects were introduced and people began to look for topics. On Wednesday I was able to make it in and begin looking for a topic to focus on. The first day and a half or so were spent just listening to ideas and try to come up with some on my own unsuccessfully. By the end of the week I was able to narrow my topic down to domesticated animals, a topic that has interested me for awhile. The topic was a bit broad because of the fact that plants, animals and insects have all been domesticated by humans. I decided to focus on the mammals that have been domesticated because dogs and cats seemed a lot more interesting than silkworms or trees. I began to add to a power point and collect notes on the animals for a little while on Friday.