Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Dissecting the deer hearts was probably the most exciting and enjoyable thing that we have done in biology all year. The fact that every pair had there own made it a lot better to because then there was no waiting around for your turn to cut or look and you could just get right to it. With that being said however, getting down to it seemed a bit unguided and I was worried that I would do something wrong or mess up an important part because of lack of directions. If we had a packet like the one we received but with a few more steps or incisions to make would have been helpful. The heart in the middle of the room with other organs attached was also a great part of the lab because it put the areas that the large arteries and veins came and went from into perspective. The lungs were really cool to look at and often times we don't dissect the lungs, instead focusing on the heart or brain, in science classes so it was good to see them. If it was possible to have each pair get a heart next year as well, I think that would be the most important part to keeping it enjoyable and educational. I would be willing to collect more for next year and get them into your class somehow in order to make that possible. Hopefully we will be able to make that possible.

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