Thursday, March 23, 2017

Last week we started on Monday by going over a vodcast that we had due over vacation. Some of the questions for this one were a bit hard to find so it was important to get your whole group’s opinion on them. I think that viruses are a pretty interesting topic though because they are not definitely life, but they are not surely not life either. This part of the unit should be fun to go over in class and learn about. We also received the packet for the lab that we did on Tuesday and Wednesday. The lab began by doing a mouth rinse with salt water to get cheek cells. We them had to use those cells to get our DNA and amplify it using PCR. On Tuesday we got as far as putting the tubes into the PCR chamber. Wednesday began with us taking our amplified DNA and mixing it with dye. Then the dyed DNA was added to the gel electrophoresis machine. This took awhile to run so we had to wait until Thursday to look. I missed Thursday but my group told me that my band showed up on the gel and I did not have the insert. On Friday we took our class data and viewed it online compared to many other populations around the world. The lab was definitely the most interesting part of the week and I was excited that mine worked when some others didn't. It would be nice to look at some other genes that we may or may not have.

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