Tuesday, February 14, 2017

We began the week by going over the transcription vodcast in class and discussing it within our groups. We also received another packet on DNA that we worked through with our groups as well. The packets were on the same topics as the vodcast and had to do with structure, replication and translation. DNA structure was more review than anything based on what we had already learned in advanced bio about the nucleotides and the 3’ to 5’ structure. The replication portion was a little bit more new and the experiments that we learned about we didn't get as in depth with last time. The use of different isotopes of nitrogen was new for me but it did give us deeper insight on what happened when they discovered how DNA worked. Transcription is probably the most complex part with all the different enzymes and specifics. Also it's different for some cells than others which will probably make it more confusing on a test or quiz. With some studying and focus I can probably do fine on the material we receive. The later part of the week was spent on our playdough modes of translation and transcription. Dennis and I used the different colors to represent different nucleotides and the shape maker to represent our enzyme. The colors were made into balls and used to code for our gene that made you not have a cleft chin. The DNA sequence was made using a random generator with a start and stop at the ends. We laid out the sequence and made a type of slideshow where the DNA was read and then the RNA was read at the ribosome and made into a protein. The class should have theirs done by Monday and we will most likely be able to watch them all then. The hands on piece of that project should help me to hold onto the information a bit better than usual.

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