Saturday, February 11, 2017

The week began with or midterm which we had to get a 50 on in order to receive or quarter averages for our grade. After the grades came back, I did credit recovery on the ones that I got wrong in order to get back credit for the third quarter test grade. We began the official school week a group project where we had to decide if Jeff was related to a family using DNA testing. There were four figures shown in the packet we received and we had to see if the bands that were given matched up with the mother and the father as well as Jeff. Our group found out in the end that Jeff was not related to family H and made a powerpoint discussing the problems that we found in the testing.  This was a good intro to the DNA unit that we are moving into and showed how small differences in coding and DNA strands can mean something big, like not being a child. This also shows that multiple DNA tests need to be run in order to make a good guess on relation. The next thing we did was disco the two vodcasts that we had done on DNA throughout the week. The only part that we haven't studied in class yet is how the transcription occurs in the cells and how proteins are made from the strands. We also got packers on DNA as well that we worked through at our lab stations in order to further our understandings of the concepts. Next week we will disco the transcription vodcast and discuss the vodcast as a whole with all its parts. DNA is a difficult concept so I'll need to study in order to retain it all.

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